Results Time

Below are the final results of the thread:

Naturally the post I made in the forums sparked a lot of controversy.  Which lead to some results which I would not consider the most accurate. That being said, I do believe that they do give a good baseline to work from as each class is broken down and analyzed.  Most posters did agree on what they believed were currently the top classes of each realm.  So from that standpoint the top 3 classes listed give an accurate representation of the communities current sentiment towards Warhammer’s top classes.

With that said there is still a lot of discussion and division within the community as to where the other classes rank in comparison to one another. Some posters even raised concern if this was the right way to go about ranking classes? Other questions brought up in the thread were should we be looking at team performers? Should we be ranking classes by archtype? Or is it the player that makes the class good? All of these are very valid questions and will need to be considered when ranking and discussing the classes themselves.

So with this list in mind and lots of data to examine, I believe it’s time to dive into my series regarding the classes of Warhammer Online.


3 thoughts on “Results Time

  1. Hm, the ratings are quite close to my own, I’m surprised. I’d really love to see a more detailed breakdown, with all the different circumstances and variables taken into account.

  2. And you will. I just wanted to get an idea of how the community ranked these classes before I went ahead and broke each down. After gathering data on all these classes I will re rank them based upon the results for each class. 24 posts from now you will see the new rankings for each class. Meaning this series will likely take me a month or more to finish. However I look forward to the challenge.

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