I’m Back


So after my long hiatus from War blogging I’m back. It feels like it is the right time to start writing WAR blogs again. With many people heading to Rift in the coming week I figured it was time to shed some more light onto… WAR. 

So for the next few days I will be writing up some class analyses regarding the current state of classes in WAR and how I would rate them. This will involve a combination of  looking at the combat numbers, analysing class strengths/weaknesses and other various factors. When all is said and done I will do a class comparison summary and rank the classes. In essense a power ranking chart.

Throughout this series of blogs I’m going to be parsing data and posting observations about the players around me. This will include what kind of player specs are commonly being run, the abilities they most commonly use and how common a particualr class is in RVR. I’m also going to be getting into what is working for these classes and what isn’t.

To start with I’m going to be focusing on the Order side of things and then from there moving onto Destruction . I feel that this is going to be a great series of blogs and I look forward to writing and sharing them with you.


3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Welcome back, I really love the site design (it wasn’t like this when I last visited your blog).

    Looking forward to the post series, really interested in the whole career balance shenanigans. 🙂

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