Vulture Lord Touchdown

Last night I was finally able to finish the Tomb of the Vulture Lord (TOVL)  for forever. At least for getting the gear that I needed on Vauleen. Last night after way too long spent on boss 8 he dropped my much needed cloak. With that I have finally completed my LOTD  jewelery and armour sets. I also received a funerary mask. Using my page and 5 funerary masks I was able finally to purchase my 2 hand Land of the Dead Mythic weapon. (It was a great night)

Chosen Cloak

Chosen 2 Hander (Same graphic)

Now that  I have completed TOVL there are very few items gear wise that I need to collect. These items include my LV shoulders, palace weapons, sov scenario weapons,  Blood Lord armour and a couple of the lower level armour sets.  I look forward to collecting these and really completing Vauleen. Here’s looking forward to finishing 🙂


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