The Underdog System

The underdog system has some flaws, at least on my server. Currently on Volkmar when I log on from 5 pm est  to 12 pm est. (Yes I sometimes play a lot) Destro is stuck at -2 underdog points the whole time and we are not able to push to Altdorf. I understand that the underdog system was designed to prevent people from constantly pushing the city. However anyone playing during this time frame never gets the chance to attack Altdorf because it is pushed earlier in the afternoon.

This has been going on over a week straight. Unfortunately the order can’t seem to push back enough to remove some of the underdog points. So we are stuck at a constant -2 underdog points stalemate. Destro pushing the zones unable to push to Altdorf and Order unable to push back strong enough in the lakes. Now Destro is still able to flip zones and it appears that are going to try pushing even if that means zone domination or reaching that 70 VP mark.

Although I have been disappointed to not see the city there have been a ton of great Orvr fights lately. It appears that being given 2 underdog points  Order is attempting to go out in the lakes and push the campaign back. For example last night we had a great fight in Praag where about 2-3 groups of us fought off over a warband of Order at the Southern Garrison. (South Keep in Praag) There have also been other great fights such as Reikland the other night. I was out in a 6 man defending Wilhelm’s Keep (North Keep Reikland) where my group, another strong 6 man plus a couple others took out at least 2 warbands of Order and then pushed them them back into their warcamp. Those are only a couple of the highlights of the past week for me.

Now to get to the main point of this post. Although I find the underdog system restrictive and annoying right now, stepping back and looking at the bigger picture I see that it has been working. Destruction is still inspired to flip zones and the Order feel they have a chance to compete because of the lower zone flipping requirements. By forcing Destruction to get 70 VPs to flip, there has been a significant increase in the activity taking place in the lower tiers. Many players have been attempting to squeeze all the available VPs from everything to flip the zones including doing lots of PQs (PVE VPs) and flipping the lower tiers (Prior Tier VPs).

By bringing greater activity into the lower tiers it can only help the game at this point. Activity in the lower tiers can also be a breath of fresh air for people how as constantly playing tier 4.I even noticed last night that one the Tier 3 keeps was being defending by Order trying to prevent Destro from flipping Dragonwake.

It is my hope that with the campaign stalled and the double underdog points we will start to see more Order heading to the lakes. It’s also my hope that at some point the Order will push back in a big way. But until then here’s hoping…


3 thoughts on “The Underdog System

  1. The problem with the underdog system is it still doesn’t help if your faction is outnumbered. If you always face two warbands to your one, or two groups to your one, and so on it doesn’t matter how great the underdog system is you will never be able to flip a zone.

    Possibly if the underdog system would speed up the zone dom timers, or remove them completely as an underdog you may have a chance if it would flip if you owned both keeps, and all four bo’s.

    Of course it would probably lead to exploiting it so I doubt there is any fix except either a third faction of players, or somehow incorporating a third faction of npc’s like Aion.

    • See my new post (When I’m done writing it of course) for my response to this. Thanks for the comment as it has inspired me to do some thinking and writing.

    • Don’t 2 underdog points reduce BO timer to 15 min instead of 30 and keep to 45?

      As for Aion I don’t think NPC faction worked that well there. Haven’t played it myself, just read peoples reactions.

      I don’t think underdog system is supposed to be the be all, end all for population balance. More like a way to encourage the underpopulated side. There really aren’t many ways to achieve balance if the players themselves don’t participate. Unless you consider the developer giving the underdog realm a hand by culling the number or power of the stronger realm. But that is ultimately pointless.

      In the end I think the way a game is played is dependant just as much on players as it is on the developer. What happened to ingenous ideas and organisation to face overwhelming numbers? Do we resort to whining and rage quitting now?

      Anyway, rant off. 🙂

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