Hacked – Vauleen’s Story

So as many of you know I was hacked a couple of months back. It was probably the worst experience that I have ever had in an MMO to date. An experience that I don’t wish upon anyone playing MMOs. All the gold and crafting supplies on my account were stolen. They also sold off any items that could be sold to a vendor for more gold. It was and still is a nightmare. At least on my other toons on my account that I don’t play as often and haven’t had their stuff restored yet. Thankfully hey didn’t sell off any of my set items. (Actually they can’t because they are BOP – Bind on Pickup)

After having this happen I immediately created an appeal with Mythic stating what took place. It took their customer service nearly a month before they even contacted me back. A MONTH!!!! Yup not only was I upset about my account the customer service sucked. I mean I didn’t expect instance results when I made the appeal but a MONTH. I mean that is by far the worst customer service response time I have experienced in an MMO.

Finally I had a CSR contact me. I had the time and date when my account was hacked and I even had written down each slot that was empty in my inventory that was filled before with my loot before. (I figured I was being through) So I tell the CSR all this information and they tell me I need to know the names of every object that was taken/sold. WHAT!??!?!? I don’t know everything in my inventory. REALLY!?!?!?! You can’t be serious!!

I am very knowledgable of computers and I even have guildies that work for other MMO companies. And from what they’ve told me they have the ability to go back through logs and find out whats gone and restore it to the player. It may take a while but it is possible for them to do that and they have to do this from time to time.

The CSR I was dealing with whom I will name once I get my logs to post here, (Yeah I took screenshot of my whole conversation because I was pissed, frustrated and extremely annoyed.  ) tells me that he can only look back at the logs and compare them to items I name and reference them to make sure I had them in my inventory at that time. I am persistent, this can’t be the only way to do this but he maintains that it is.  This would have been fine except I still don’t remember everything I had in my inventory. Anyway I do my best to remember all the items. I know I forgot some of them but I just wanted to get the stuff I used back.

Now the best part… I have to pay to get them back. Oh snap that just happened. So all my gold has been stolen and now I need to buy my items back?!?!?!!? I mean really? This is by far the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I mean could you please kick a man well he’s down some more. I never thought that the being hacked would be such a pain to recover from. (I see now why so many quit after this happens) Fortunately for me one of my guildies had given me some gold so I as able to buy my stuff back.

So I managed to get a lot of my gear back, at least the important stuff. Oh course there are no talismans in the gear but the main thing for me is that I got my gear back. However now I am still left with doing this for the rest of my toons who’s gear I can’t even remember. So I haven’t even bothered with getting their things restored yet. And to be honest every time I think about playing them I don’t because the customer service I received sucked so bad and it just upsets me all over again.

So let me sum it up for you. I got most of my gear back on Vauleen which was great however its what I haven’t gotten back that is the problem. I still have not gotten back the gear on my other toons as I’m not quite sure what gear I’m missing. I have not gotten back my crafting stuff or gold as stuff that gets mailed. From what I’ve read Mythic doesn’t return this even though apparently they will tell you who it was mailed to you have to get that back yourself. (Yeah cause I believe that is going to happen)

*Sidenote: To be honest I didn’t do the last thing myself I actually found out about this by after reading the hacked thread (see below) I didn’t even feel like bothering. Especially since I didn’t remember all I had.

Now I’m writing this because there are many others in the same boat as me that are dealing with the same issues that I dealt with.  See this thread here: Hacked Accounts The CSR told me in his wisdom, if I don’t like the current system to tell that to Mythic. Well I don’t like the current system so fix it Mythic!!!! The current way that the hacked accounts of legitimate players are being dealt is terrible. I understand the need to be sure that the player is telling the truth but seriously. I gave you all the info you needed and you did not come through for me. Your competitors have way better programs in place for dealing with accounts being hacked. Its about time you stepped up to the plate.

Things that need to be done:

– You should be able to restore my characters items and gold from an earlier time without me knowing everything about them.

– You should have the ability to track down where my stuff was sent and deal with the individual that stole my stuff. (You may even involve the law in this as this is theft and hacking)

– You should get rid of the need to pay to get your items back. No more of this lies that the CSR tells me about not being able to add currency to game. That’s just total BS and you know it.

– You should get better CSRs. The experience I had with this particular one makes me feel he is lazy and doesn’t care about me as a customer. This is not reputation you want for your CSRs.

Here’s my conversation with the CSR for your viewing pleasure:

*I will post this later when I’ve edited the screenshots for easy reading


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