The May Producers Letter

I was in the process of writing this post yesterday and decided I should wait until today and reread the letter before I posted anything. I was pretty disappointed with the letter on my first read to be honest. But after reading it through a second time and thinking about what was written, I realized that I may have been reading into some things that were said earlier. I shouldn’t have been expecting them in a minor patch when they would probably be better served by a major patch instead.  But I’ll get into this in more detail later. First lets take a look at what was brought up in the letter.


The first thing brought up in the letter by Carrie was the player communities mixed reaction to the proposed change that would allow players to play both realms on the same server. She went on to explain that this was needed for smaller language markets where Warhammer was down to one server. That this would be done so that players in those markets would not be forced to only play one realm. It would also reduce the need to consolidate those language markets with other markets.

After reading this part of the letter I was glad to read that Mythic listened to the community as a whole. They addressed my concerns and those of the smaller Warhammer markets. Assuring that players can feel at home on there own server speaking their own language is important.

As for cross realming I can’t stand it. So this was a major point of concern for me when it was brought up in the last letter. But after reading what Carrie had to say my worries have been put to rest. Well almost to rest. Does this mean we are still going to get more character spots?

Armour Redesign

Love it or hate it, these changes will be coming in the next patch. However once again Mythic listened to player feedback regarding these changes and held off. Now Mythic has developed a system that allows the player to basically keep all their armour stats and just change the look of the armour itself.

I for one really dislike this change. But before you say anything hear me out on this one. On the one hand it opens up more customization, on the other you lose that awesome look you get as you upgrade your armour.  Now all the people that have worked hard to get their high end gear are going to look just like everyone else in game. Their gear may not be as good as yours but they will still look as cool as you. When you get the high end loot in the game people really notice you and you get this awesome factor added to your toon because the high level armour sets look great.

Now that being said I would accept these changes on the condition that you have to unlock the different armour looks as you collect your armour. Such as you collect a piece of conqueror armour like the gloves you unlock its skin for all your gloves.  That kind of system I would accept. Not only would it mean greater customization for characters it would also be one more reason to complete your armour sets.

However Carrie did make mention that there is more to this system so I hope the above is true and it works similar to the way I’ve described. I’m sure we will find out very soon.


Steve Engle wrote up a couple paragraphs on the proposed changes to the Zealots “Harbinger of Doom.” (The black bird) From what Steve had to say they are considering making the “Harbinger of Doom” a toggle which will change the Zealot from healing to dps mode. The runepriest will also have a mirror to this. Steve however just did not mention which ability this would be.

These changes seem very interesting and I look forward to seeing where they are going to go with these ideas. However that said I don’t think we need anymore dps healers. But I’ll reserve judgment on this change until I see its final implementation.

The Hint:

“Here’s a hint: We want to make sure that you have proper incentive to wear that shiny new armor that you’re winning in the new city.”

The above quote taken directly from the letter makes me suspect they are possibly doing a higher level dungeon or an encounter that requires the wards granted from the city armour in order to do it. At least that is my guess. If you have any other guesses please leave me a comment below. As this hint from the letter has gotten me to wondering what this could possibly be.

My Final Take:

Overall the letter reiterated most things that we had already known were coming our way in 1.3.6. It did however give us some more information on what these changes would entail, which was great. What I’m really disappointed about was the fact that it didn’t talk about what Mythic was going to do to reinvigorate the Orvr lakes. The fact that this had been bought by the Mythic team recently after fixing the city made me suspect that this would be happening come this patch. However after thinking about it in reality 1.3.5 was a huge minor patch. Minor patches generally tend to deal with class balancing and fixes. So this has really lead me to believe that the lake focus patch will in fact be 1.4 unless Mythic states otherwise. 1.4 should be the next patch if I read the article correctly. Massively Article

Being 1.4 is a major revision of the game I look forward to seeing what the Mythic team has in store  for us apart from the lake changes. I’m hoping that 1.3.6 won’t take nearly as long as 1.3.5 to get out the door. I understandable 1.3.5 needed more time. But from the scope of changes mentioned for 1.3.6 it shouldn’t take nearly as long.

So until Mythic releases more on the changes I’m going to keep my eyes on the dev forums and hope that my concerns about the new armour designs do not go unanswered.

What do you think?

What do you think about the changes? Do you feel that Mythic is heading in the right direction with these?

Leave me a comment below as I would love to hear about what you think of these up coming changes.


6 thoughts on “The May Producers Letter

  1. That was a really cool post about the Producer’s Letter, Vauleen. Loved it.

    I agree with your concerns about keeping the status of high-end armour intact and I think they must do what you suggested about only making it available when you unlock it. People could then dress-down though, I’m not sure if that’s an unproper tactical advantage or not.

    The Hint was my favourite part of the letter. I love hints. I reckon they’ll add additional set bonus to 5th, 6th and 7th bonus.

    I think they were a bit cagey in this letter particularly about RvR. Carrie doesn’t like to make promises they can’t deliver so if they do have anything “big” up their sleeve they probably want to wait ’til it’s ready before an announcement.

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    I have to agree with you seeing certain types of armour give you a visual clue as to the level and type of gear your opponent has. Its like how all the classes look different so they are easy to pick out.

    Maybe I hadn’t thought of that.

    Yeah that’s a good observation. Not promising something you can’t deliver is always smart. As well as waiting till you have something to show is probably smart move to.

  3. Great Post, well thought out.

    As far as the new armor system there is a great thread on the forums requesting this change and im glad all our posts got some attention. Most people on the forums and most mmo’s that use similar systems have a second row of armor slots(vanity slots) and you put the armor in either the vanity or stat slots. If the system is anything like this which would make sense since as you can tell that is very similar to what we partially already have then you could only place armor that you can acquire or wear. Making the system the same as far as armor advancement. If you dont have the armor or cant wear it then you can have it in either slot.

    Now this may not be the case but Id be amazed if it wasn’t set up similarly.

    • Sorry edit: If you cant wear the item or don’t have it to equip then you cant wear it.
      I just hope weapons will be done like this since i want to rock some cool looking T1 swords

    • Thanks for the reply and great info Beithe.

      I didn’t realize that some other mmos had systems like that in place already. But that does sound like something Mythic would look at or model their system around.

  4. Good post!

    I would guess that for some of the higher armor sets, they must be unlocked via renown rank or something. I can’t imagine some Tier 3 player being able to deck their toon out with the Sovereign look.

    But we’ll have to wait and see when they release more info.

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