The New City Experience

I experienced my first live city experience this weekend and I loved it. With the lockout system being the way it is currently, I was able to participate in 2 city instances in the same siege.

The first instance I went into was at the end of the 2 stage (I was online about 30 minutes after we flipped to Altdorf). I was unable to do anything to contribute so I did not get a roll on loot for that stage. However in stage 3 I was selected as a champion and I went out and destroyed the order.  Okay I really didn’t destroy Order as there were none in that instance. I did however win a purple bag. Which was very underwhelming to say the least. As there was no decent loot in the purple bag.

The second siege however  was a blast. There was some Order in this one and I was able to help Destro push them back and win stage 1. In stage 2 I helped the rest of the destro escort the Warlord to Order’s side. (I was pugging although a lot of my alliance was in the instance) We killed their Warlord on the way and then proceeded to deliver ours to the palace doors. And finally in stage 3 I was picked as a champ again. (I know big surprise seeing as I have all my sov gear) This time however being a champ was a ton more fun as I was actually able to kill order. I don’t think that dreadful agony has ever worked so well lol.

All in all I had a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more city sieges. The nice thing with the new lockouts is there is a greater chance to get loot bags as people get locked out. In my second instance there were only 4 people who were able to roll on the city siege loot which increased everyone’s odds of getting a gold bag to 100%.

So far I’m really enjoying 1.3.5.


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