Scenarios: Nordenwatch

In my last scenario blog I took a look at Caledor Woods. Today I’m going to have a look at Nordenwatch.



The objective of Nordenwatch is to be the first realm to 500 points. In order to do this you must capture and hold the three control points on the map and kill the other realm. The 3 control points are the Barracks, the Fortress and the Lighthouse.

Ways to Win:

– First realm to 500 points

– Realm with the most points after 15 minutes

How to gain points:

– Capture Lighthouse or Barracks : 15 Points

– Capture Fortress: 30 Points

– Holding any objective: 2 Points per ‘tick’.

– Kill enemies

– Retaking an objective: 15 Points

My Take:

This is scenario is my favourite scenario in Warhammer Online. It is by far the most beautiful and well laid out. It also has tons of strategic options with plenty of ways to fight the enemy. It is possible to be spawn camped/ spawn camp. However this scenario gives players many ways to escape the war camp.  This often forces the spawn campers to move off to defend the flags.


Owning and controlling the fort objective is very important. The side who controls this objective the most is usually the scenarios winner.

– There are multiple ways to attack the fort. There are the obvious ways of running/ riding straight there from the warcamp. There however are two ways to jump down and go up behind the enemy. Which if used correctly will give you the jump on the enemy.

– If the enemy is stronger you can try to out cap them using the flags. As often the stronger enemy doesn’t pay attention to the objectives like they should.


– The map in general. It is extremely well laid out with tons of options at both sides disposal.

– The fort itself is one of the funnest objectives to fight at in the whole game. I have had some of my best battles fighting over the fort. The terrain at the fort just gives you so many options that every battle there is different.

– This scenarios play time is just right. I have never heard anyone complain about the time spent playing this scenario. It just has the right pacing and length that you don’t get bored with it. And most of the time it isn’t so short that your left going I wish it was longer.


– The war camp guards often feel unresponsive. Often times if your spawn camping or being spawn camped the guards just don’t do anything.

– If you get knocked into the water between the spawn camps you have to swim a long way to get out of it. So your out of the action for a while. This is very annoying.


Gaining control of the Fortress first is a big advantage. It gives your side the chance to get setup the best to stop the other side at the Fortress.

– Splitting up to capture objectives when being out gunned is often a great tactic. This will often force the other side to split up to retake the flags.

– Use the alternate routes to get around. Often times you can flank the enemy using these routes, especially when going up to the Fort. A great tactic is to hit them from behind on their way to the fort as that is usually where they are most vulnerable.


This is one of the greatest scenarios that Warhammer Online possesses. It is my favourite back in T1 and it still remains one of my favourite in T4. It has a great layout with tons of options and never seems to go on too long. the terrain setup especially around the fort makes for some of the best battles out of any scenario. I look forward to playing more of this scenario.

In my next scenario blog I will be taking a look at Reikland Factory.


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