The Melee Train

I was reading through the Volkmar forums today and I stumbled upon this video.

Although its completely ridiculous it actually portrays the melee train really well.

Like all group strategies, the melee train is one of the most effective in WAR. Its sole purpose is to focus on one target, overwhelm them and then move to the next target. This continues until the battlefield has been wiped clean. Generally the more focused the melee train is the better the results.

This type of group often has a dps player leading the charge, pushing the enemies backside. Most often this dps player is calling the targets while the rest of the group is assisting them. Sometimes however this group will be lead by a tank. The benefits of which includes cc and better potential to be targeted by the enemy. Which allows the tank to do his job, soaking up damage.

Due to the melee train being so focused, often times the whole group can take down a player in a matter of seconds. And a whole group in under half a minute. Making it ideal to push the enemy back and cause them to start the res(resurrection) cycle. When this happens players are much easier to kill because their chances of receiving constant heals are reduced.

The weakness of this type of group is often the fact that it leaves its healers exposed and often behind. Not only do the healers have to heal but they must also attempt to keep up with the rest of the train.  Should the healers be taken out often times the train is wiped by the other side.

Another weakness it has is if it leader becomes overwhelmed or killed. Often times when this happens the group loses focus which can lead to a wipe. A melee train can often be shutdown if its leader is taken out of the picture.

The final weakness I often find in a melee train is bloodlust. Bloodlust is when a player stops thinking and just acts on instinct. This is always when they think they can get one more kill. Players affected (Its kind of an addiction/disease) by Bloodlust lose focus and forget to target the leads target. They almost always overextend the act of which generally ends in their death. Another side affect of bloodlust is that the group splits up. At this point one of three things happen. The leader takes control and gets everyone back together. The leader tries to regain control but the group is wiped due to splitting up. Or finally the leader manages to get a couple people grouped up again. This is either due to some group members being killed or too far away. More often then not a couple of group members have been killed.

For me bloodlust is the number one group killer. Not only does it cause wipes but it also causes tension within the group itself. Which can lead to arguing, the calling out of a player or the the group splitting up.

Like any type of group in Warhammer Online, the group is only as good as its leader and its members ability to follow/trust that leader. When situations like the one above occur it is the leaders job to take control and get everyone focused again. (I’ll leave more on being the leader for another post as it worth its own post as its such a big topic. )

So thats my take on the take on the melee train. I hope you enjoyed it. If I left anything out feel free to drop me a comment.


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