Last Nights Testing & QA

Last nights testing showcased to many players the upcoming city changes. And from the looks of things the city is getting some great reviews from many people. The new style of the encounter and the mechanics involved seem to have really generated a lot of excitement. Which is great and a credit to Mythic and all of those who tested and commented on the cities.

There are still a couple of more adjustments that need to be made in the cities but this whole experience has shown me that Mythic really cares. They want to make content that we as the players want and they want to do it right.

Currently communication with the devs is amazing. Being able to interact with them in vent directly or in the forums is a blessing. It really says to me that they want to communicate with the players and incorporate their ideas into the game.

With the devs gearing up to focus on ORVR again, I see a bright future in store for WAR.


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