Scenarios: Caledor Woods

In my last scenario blog I took a look at Battle for Praag. Today I’m going to take a look at Caledor Woods.

Caledor Woods:


The objective of Caledor Woods is to take control and hold the central flag. It is a King of the Hill style scenario in the very traditional sense. In order to take control of the flag you have to be in proximity to it with no one from the opposing realm.

Ways to Win:

– First realm to 500 points

– Realm with the most points after 15 minutes

How to Gain Points:

Kill enemies

– Capture the flag

– Control the flag

My Take:

This scenario has it moments. I have had some great fights and I have had some bad ones. A lot of the time it really depends on who I’m fighting and who’s fighting with me. I find more often then not players charge the hill without thinking or attempting to group up.


– Being on top of the hill is a huge advantage. Due to the open field nature of the hill you are able to see the opposition fromĀ  from all sides. This allows you to get your group positioned in the best possible way to counter any assault.

– Using the forest on the East side of the map is hit and miss. More often then not by the time you get around behind the enemy to flank them they already know you are coming.

– Like Battle for Praag getting to the flag first as a realm is crucial. It gives the opportunity to setup your realm in a good position to defend the flag.


The central hill is a great place to fight

– Lots of cover to use yet open enough to move around

– Battles are more concentrated as there is only one objective


– The time it takes to complete is too long. When one realm completely dominates the other the scenario tends to drag on.

– The spawn camp layouts. As destro it seems like if we get anywhere near the order spawn the guards instantly kill us.

– Some of the bushes will catch your character and then instantly kill you. Death by geometry is not fun.


Get to the central flag and take control of it first. Often times gaining control of this flag and setting up first will give your realm the advantage.

– Use the terrain features and cover around the flag to your advantage. It’ll allow you to stay out of the view of the enemy as well as break casters line of sight on you. It is also very useful for losing enemies who are on you.

– If you are going to push to take the hill most often it is best to push with everyone. As generally the enemy is all on the hill waiting together as a group.


This scenario is a decent scenario and can lead to some good fights. However there are often many breaks in the action that lead to standing around waiting for the enemy. I do however enjoy the great battles that can take place on the flag. With the great terrain setup at the flag there are plenty of ways to get to the flag and defend the flag. With a little improvement to the time it takes to win and some geometry fixes I think this scenario would be perfect.


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