This is my mod. I have been writing and updating it in my spare time and last night I finally finished updating it to version 1.3.

This is the 3rd version of it and probably the most informative version. The first was very simple and basic idea. It was very similar to rvr stats. The second however added the ability to track your current deathblows. And now I’ve added personal bests/maxs and averages of sessions. Sessions being every time you load up your character to play WAR, that is a new session. I even threw in the ability to reset everything if you want to.

So moving forward I’m looking at adding a toggle button and possibly adding one for warboard as well. And of course more stats. I’m thinking something along the lines of scenario stats. And of course adding some textures to it.

But first I’m going to add in the ability to track archtype kills. So this should be a fun and challenging to do. And should be done in the coming weeks.

For those interested here is the link to it:


3 thoughts on “RvRStatsImproved

    • There should be another update for it soon(TM). I have it mostly written I just need to figure out a way to update with the old data from the last version.

  1. I will have to get this. I think I’ve either been using a very old version, or a different version entirely (don’t recall “improved” on the name at the end of mine).

    Will be getting this over the weekend for sure.

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