New City Lockouts

The topic of the new city and their lockouts has been a hot topic between many of the testers. In the forum found here the discussion is raging should the lockouts be linked? Currently on PTS it doesn’t matter if you defend or attack you still receive a lockout for each stage completed.

Many players posting are worried that with the current lockout system people will be less inclined to defend their city. There reasoning being if you PUG it and lose you still get the lockout. They are saying that they have better odds winning gear when they are attacking as an organized warband. And to be honest I have to agree with them.

As much as they want the cities to be successful lockouts are currently a factor. With the city being pushed so frequently ever since forts were removed, people have been frequently on what I’d like to refer to as PVP lockout.

And to be honest I feel that lockouts in PvP really hurt the game. The forts were a pain however they didn’t force people to have to wait for lockouts. They were a good defensive tool that kept the RvR lakes as the focus of WAR and kept the lakes alive. They also kept the city more rare making hitting the enemies city a big deal, not making it feel as if players were limited in ORVR after having lockouts like they are now.

The whole lockout system has caused many servers to have  “push nights.” When all of one realm floods the lakes to the other realms kill King while the other realm PvEs that night.  Unfortunately this seems to be what it has come to nowadays. I found however when people don’t have a goal to push for in the lakes most people won’t be out in the lakes.

Now I don’t think that lockouts are a bad thing as the are an artificial way to slow down game progression. Which in turn keeps players playing longer. However I do feel that when they are placed on the lakes they are a deterrent to people participating in the games campaign and ultimately pushing for its endgame.

With that said I think another part of the problem is the general state of player progression in WAR. Most players have outgrown the keeps and the lakes. The only aspect of WAR they really have left is the city. So somehow Mythic has to come up with a way for players to find a reason to be in the lakes in their upcoming patches, and in the meantime solve the lockout ceiling that most players are currently running into.


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