PTS Last Night

In two words I’ll sum it up as getting there. I think for their part Mythic is finally getting it right. The new city siege system is very accessible for everyone and is a lot fun. The timing for stages 1 and 3 is great and those stages are probably the most fun stages of the city siege.

Stage 1 is a blast from start to finish. Using a battlefield 1942 like system the attackers push to take control of the enemies city objectives.  During this time players are able to transport to objectives that their realm owns. This allows them to quickly get back into the battle and regroup. I really like this system although I feel it needs to be more clearly labeled.

As for Stage 2 well is its meh. I mean its alright but its nothing amazing. I can’t quite put my finger on it but currently to me this stage needs some work. Right now the objective is to protect your warlords and get them to the enemies door. But it just lacks the magic and excitement of stages 1 and 3.

Stage 3 is amazing!! I love the champion buffs. I was fortunate enough to be the tank champion last night. I had a blast. Blocking the order in one doorway of the palace forcing them to use the other. It was a blast. This is what the stage 3 in Warhammer should have been.

There are a few things that still need to be smoothed over and the King’s death or retreat needs something added to it to make it epic. Maybe some type of cinematic or something. Right now its not there yet. Nothing really sets it apart from any other boss in the game right now.  Its THE BOSS it needs something special.

All in all Mythic has done a great job and I look forward to whats coming in the future.


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