City Testing

So on Tuesday night was out in the city doing some testing of the new changes. This was a lot fun. Unfortunately when we were first put into an instance we were not sure what we were supposed to do. Did the devs want us to attack or were we supposed to wait. So we waited until the order attacked us. At that point we hit them hard. Oh course I also had a ctd at that point in time.

Let me tell you ctding sucks a lot and currently they haven’t quite figured out what to do with players that ctd. I say make it like the tomb of the vulture Lord or scens where you can still log right back into the city. Since having the 15 minute debuff sucks. (Thank you dev for taking it off my toon so I could get back in.)

However by the time I got back in I had missed most of the action and stage 2 was underway. This stage was rather confusing at the start but finding the warlords didn’t take to long. However they need to be bigger and easier to target.(Sounds like Mythic is addressing this according to the pts forms.)

Another problem with stage two was the order forced spawns had them spawning right into the middle of us and us laughing and killing them a couple times. According to Mythic they are looking at giving the player the choice of where to spawn so that should solve that issue.

The final stage was the grand finale and it was amazing!!! I loved the champs. When i saw them i went WOW!!!! Those characters look awesome!!!!!

The fight itself felt pretty epice. We rolled the order killed their champs and the killed Karl. It was great.

Now as much as i enjoyed that I would have loved to have seen a final scene you know like Tzentch honoring/doing something to us. Maybe banishing the order at the end. That would have been the icing on the cake. So just throwing that out there. Something scpted after the kill and loot would be awesome.

To be honest I loved the city siege. However I felt that the setting of stage 2 felt wrong and really i don’t know. It was just a little underwhelming for me.

Stage 3 was amazing but again I felt it took place in the wrong place. If figured this should have taken place in the citadel where you made the last stand. But thinking about it it was the right spot if Destro won stage 1 and 2. However if they lost both stages it should take place in the citadel. And the same kinda thing should take place for the order king.

Anyway those are just a couple of my thoughts. I will post more as testing continues. Oh and some screen shots once I upload them.


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