Scenarios: Battle for Praag

In my last blog I went over the scenario Phoenix Gate. This time I’m going to take a look at Battle for Praag, one of the few remaining original tier 4 scenarios.

Battle For Praag:


Battle for Praag is Warhammer’s drive back scenario. You and 11 other players fight to ultimately push the enemy back to their camp by capturing the flags (Objectives). However there is a twist, if you capture and hold all the flags the enemy can either take back the flag closest to their side or capture the central flag. By capturing the central flag the enemy resets the push for both sides. At this point both teams must attempt to drive the enemy back to their side once again starting at the central flag.

Ways to Win:

– First realm to 500 points

– Realm with the most points after 15 minutes

How to gain points:

– Kill enemies

– Capture flags

– Control flags

My Take:

This scenario is solid overall. It provides multiple ways to move around the map accompanied with a well thought out terrain layout. However often times it feels as though this scenario ultimately turns into a spawn camp for realm or the other. With the stronger side or side with greater numbers quickly pushing the other side back to their war camp. That being said the other side still has a chance to turn it around. This opportunity most often occurs when the other realm pulls the war camp guards.


– The first realm to become established at the central flag at the start of the scenario will often push the other realm back.

– The realm who streams in 1 by 1 usually gets destroyed. This is especially true when the other realm is running a melee train or focus firing well.

– This scenario tends to turn into a spawn camp in the first 5 minutes of play if the sides are not evenly matched.

– People tend to only use the main exit and forget that their scenario war camp has 2 side exits. One leading to the middle of the map and the other leading to their last flag.

– People frequently jump off the wall which damages themselves and splits up their group.


– Battle for Praag has a great push mechanic. This constantly changes where the focus of the scenario is on the map. Which in turn causes the scenario be very dynamic.

– Battle for Praag has a great battlefield layout. The map provides plenty of ways to get behind the enemy. It also includes many ways for you to break line of sight and dodge attackers when needed.

– Battle for Praag has a great feel to it. When I get into this scenario I enjoy the look and the sounds of it. Praag has to be one of the most interesting battle maps and its scenario is no exception.

– The war camp guards. No matter how much I hate dieing to them I’m glad they are there. More times then not they allow the other team a chance to break the spawn camp.


If your realm falls behind it is hard to make up the difference in points.

– War camp siege weapons. Its great they were added to this map. However being given idle hands and being removed from a scenario because your are being spawn camped while using siege weapons is dumb. This really needs to be fixed in my opinion.

– Players not using the side exits. Either they forgotten about them or they have never noticed them.

– The guards. Sometimes it seems like they are too easily aggroed and have way too big of a movement/damage range. For instance the other day I was killed while capping orders last flag by one of the war camp guards. (I had a group member guarded so I was given aggro)

– Camping the other realms spawn. Unfortunately this is not really fun for either side.


– If you are streaming into a fight let the tanks go first. It is more likely that they will be immediately fired on as they are the first targets in range. This allows everyone else to get in position without getting focused on or killed at the start of a fight. (This is true anytime you go into a fight)

– Use the ramp! Don’t jump off the wall!!! Often times the wall is the quickest route however you take falling damage when jumping from it. By starting with lower health you are helping the other side out by making yourself that much easier to kill.

– If you are being spawn camped use the guards to your advantage. Often times the guards will kill enough of the opposition that you will be able to drive them off.

– Use the alternate routes out of the camp. It will break the spawn camp and allow you to flank the enemy. (See below)


Battle for Praag is a solid scenario with lots of options and plenty of different ways to get around on the map. The terrain layout makes for some pretty epic fights and provides great ways to avoid being focused on. However things like the guards and the issue with the siege weapons still leave room for improvements to this scenario. In the end though, when there is evenly matched sides this scenario can often be a lot of fun.

In my next blog I will be tackling  Caledor Woods.


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