Before I get started on scenarios I need to present to you the double down.

Yup this sandwich was on the minds of many a DROW member last night. And all I can say is WOW give me 2. This monster of a sandwich was topic of discussion between Neutrino, Emetheus and Illuminati. (Neut and Eme who are avid KFC lovers by the way) Some comments about the Double Down included heartattacks and defibrillators. Oh course my person favourite was, “That looks better than the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger.” (Kaifus)

Anyway I’m starting a series of posts today concerning all things scenario. Since lately scenarios seem to be the thing to do. With everyone trying hard to get their scenario weapons. So today I’m going to kick it off by analyzing last weekends Phoenix Gate.

Phoenix Gate:

I actually enjoyed this scenario. Despite not receiving any points for killing people, this scenario actually made for some decent small man action. And when I was pugging it actually seemed to play fairly well. Anyway here’s what I liked/disliked.


– The small man action. It was possible to have 1 v 1’s or 2 v 1’s and the like without getting rolled over by the other team.

– Big war camps(wcs) with tons of ways out. This allowed players to get out of the spawn camp with minimal effort.

– Awesome terran. A great mix of hills, rocks, walls and trees. Allowing realms an advantage if they utilize the land around them. Such as hiding in the trees.

– Having to get the oppositions part carrier before capping their flag made for some fun battles.

– Lots of room and space to try different tactics out. You could either engage the enemy on the bridge, get behind them using the sides or ambush them from behind the walls and trees. The possibilities were endless.

– It was a great scenario to play when there was good opposition. It really gave myself and others feeling of that’s why I play WAR.


– The scenario was slow at times. Many times the scenario turned into a 15 minute spawn camp which was boring. This could be partly the fault of the order continuously dropping down in front of us feeding us kills. It probably would have been better if they tried the other ways out. Or it could be that the order just gave up.

– 25 points for capping the flag at the middle bridge. Although I thought the bridge cap idea was smart, 25 points per cap there seemed a little low.

– Unfortunately not many people were interested in running the part back.

– Sense of blah. As much as I enjoyed it most people in my guild would have prefered we didn’t queue for it. I believe this had a lot to do with my last point.

– No points for killing. This really seemed to make the scenario feel longer and turned some guildies off to it.

Final Thoughts:

All in all I did really enjoy this scenario. I think some of my favourite moments were the duels  over our flag while I was defending.  There’s an excitement and a thrill fighting 1 v 1 that group play doesn’t always bring.

Keep an eye out for  my upcoming blogs where I plan on discussing the 6 core scenarios.



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