Warhammer Goodness

Much of my Easter weekend was spent playing WAR. I spent most of my time grinding away trying to get the 355 Invaders crests I needed so I could get my new shield. And oh course the ability to start collecting my Warlord tokens.

In that time period I managed to collect ~125 fused invader insignas which I broke down to buy my shield. However much to my dismay the shield I received is worn backwards. Someone forgot which arm it went on so my new shield is arm straps out. Oh well.

Anyway putting all that time in really showed me  a lot about the current state of  scenarios on Volkmar. I made the following observations while I was playing this weekend.

In General:

– I’d arrive in a scen and it would be imbalanced to start. Only a couple of times did they end due to imbalance. However if they didn’t often times the team with more players won due to being out front with more players off the start.

– One time I went into a Nordenwatch and destro ended up with 3 groups in the scenario when we should have only had 2.

– Since I usually run in a premade more often then not the scens would turn into spawn camps. Generally the first 3-5 minutes were decent fights but after that it was camp or be camped. A lot of this had to do with being imbalanced off the start.

– There were multiple times that I came into a scenario that was already started. On average most were only a couple of minutes in. However it becomes frustrating when your down by a lot of points with no real way to make up for lost time.

– There were a couple of times I arrived in a scenario only to find that the scenario had already ended. At this point we were forced to wait till the scenario kicked us out. If we were lucky we’d even get an insigna for our trouble.

– Players AFKing in scenarios. It wasn’t terribly bad this weekend however I did catch a few doing it. And the unfortunate part about players doing this is that it hurts their realms chances of winning or doing well in a scen.

– The side with with little or no healers usually lost.

– Many scenarios were won or lost on the backs of how all of destro preformed. Often times losing the second group or spliting with the second group hurt our chances of doing well in a scenario.

Anyway apart from the negative things I really did enjoy the scenarios this weekend. Oh course I look forward to getting back in there tonight and smashing some heads.

In the next couple posts I plan on going over each scenario with my likes and dislikes.


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