Hello world!

So I thought I’d start my first post with a little about my Warhammer histroy.

I started playing Warhammer back in the fall of 2008. I rolled a chosen during the open beta and from that point on decided that the chosen would be my class. When they opened up the offical servers I rolled a Chosen on Azazel. My name Vauleen.

At that point I was guildless and played with my brothers who enjoyed the game as well. I then joined the guild Relentless. It was a small guild with alot of great players. The one who still sticks out to me is Mojosurfer the Magus. This was really my first experience using vent. And quite an experience that was. (At this point I can’t really think of not using Vent.)

I was apart of that guild for a couple months until we had the server merger with Volkmar. At that point the guild/alliance consolidated into Black Death. Black Death was a great guild with a lot of awesome players. Black Death or BD as well called it was under the leadership of Inergy the Zealot. Inergy was a great guild leader and warband leader. And to his credit it really showed when our guild took to the lakes. However Black Death decided that they were tired of the order zerg on Volkmar and decided to move to Aion around July of last year. (At this point most of us had not seen Altdorf, let alone stage 2)

So at this point I started looking for a new guild with Baylok a guild mate of mine. We knew of really only 2 decent guilds we were interested in Carnage and DROW. After a week of watching them we decided to approach and apply to DROW. And that is the guild I am in now.

So that’s where I came from. Now to start blogging about WAR!!!!


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